The Birds II

Alfred Hitchcock scared audiences with his alarming avian thriller back in 1963. Well today was the sequel here at George M. Steinbrenner Field. The star of the sequal was unaware he was the main attraction until he was on his way into the ballpark today. Dan Barbarisi of the Providence Journal, and from Rye Brook, NY, was on his way in to cover the Boston Red Sox when he was attacked by what he thought was a bug. He said when it first hit him, he looked over his shoulder and all he could see was something black.  Like a big black bug.  Well this was only the beginning of his ordeal. It turns out it was a disgruntled bird, we couldn’t track him down for his side, but the bird, most likely was a Yankees fan. 

Barbarisi tried shoeing it away off his back, then it went into his hair, and proceeded to, um, use him like a Port-a-john. 

So when he finally gets to the stadium, he has fine feathered fecal matter all over him.  He was about to go into the visitor dugout area for an interview with Terry Francona, when security turned him away because he smelled. That was a direct quote from Dan himself. So he came up to the press box, got into the bathroom, took his soiled shirt off, and washed his hair in the bathroom sink. He had a different shirt in his car, which he said is not as nice as the one he had on before. Let’s face it, I didn’t want to see that one, or smell it for that matter. 

For all of his family and friends who are concerned, Dan is fine. He did miss his interview session with Terry Francona, but he is in the press box, computer on, with no scratches or remnants of the attack present anywhere. Where is a video camera when you need it? That’s 10,000 dollars on AFV!  Thanks to Suzyn Waldman for bringing it to my attention…you just can’t make this up!

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