Batting Practice Observations

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…every time I step on the field I instantly transform into a ten year old kid.  Think, Field of Dreams but the opposite of when Doc has to leave the field to help Kevin Costner’s choking daughter. 
I was on the field when Derek Jeter got in the cage and if this team seemed loose while he was gone, it is even looser now.  The joking and carrying on, I would say doubled.  At one point, Jeter hit a hard line drive and Nick Swisher out in left said, “TEAM USA!”  They also took some infield practice and outfield practice and as the outfielders were making there throws, the hootin and hollerin continued.  One of the most vocal guys was Mark Teixeira.  He is constantly throwing compliments to his teammates who make good throws.  There was a group of Yankees around homeplate as Johnny Damon was throwing home from right field, after he took some turns in left and a lot of atta boys were thrown his way by Joe Girardi, Kevin Long, Jose Molina, Jorge Posada, and first base coach Mick Kelleher. 
Melky Cabrera had a highlight as well, he took a grounder in medium depth in center and fired a pea to Cody Ransom at third, knee high.  Unbelieveable throw. 
Jeter in his second round of swings hit one half way up the video screen out in left center field here at the Boss and that got some oohs and ahhs from his teammates all over the field.  You can really sense from watching him come back onto the field that Jeter is the glue that keeps this team together.  You can sense players are happy to have him back.
We talked to Kevin Long and Michael Kay as well and those interviews will be up shortly…keep checking back for more later.  I will be blogging from the WCBS 880 radio booth during the game tonight.  You can get the play by play there or on YES with Michael Kay and Paul O’Neil, and I will be bringing you some nuggets from inside the booth. 

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