Musings from the WCBS 880AM Radio Booth

No score through an inning and a half…A-J Burnett 22 pitches through his first two innings 14 strikes and eight balls.  Tim Wakefield w
johnsuzyn.jpgas knuckling the Yankees to sleep until Robbie Cano just lined the first Yankees hit back up the middle almost hitting Wakefield directly in the bum. 
Burnett 37 pitches through three innings of work…12 in the first, 10 in the second, 15 in the third.  Still no score.  Jorge Posada with another throw out at second.  After throwing out three of four in a minor league game on Sunday…Posada gunned out Jacoby Ellsbury…the speedy Sox CF.  Wakefield and Burnett are both throwing one hitters.  Chris Carter and Robinson Cano have the hits for the Sox and Yanks respectively.
Suzyn told the radio audience that A.J. Burnett should throw between 75 and 80 pitches tonight and he is out for work in the fourth.  Another quick inning for Burnett.  Derek Jeter leading off the inning.  The Captain making his return to the Yankees after the WBC.  He didn’t have to report until Thursday, but told the media, he has to play.  He has to get some games in at shortstop. 
A.J. Burnett is as cool as a cucumber in the clubhouse and you know what kind of mood he is in for the day just by looking into his locker.  He has a four sided, four faced, Buddah doll.  The right handed fireballer turns it according to what mood he is in on every day. 
Paid attendance tonight including standing room…11,113…a GMS Field Record. 
55 pitches for Burnett through five innings.  Still pitching a one hitter.  Chris Carter’s double in the second is still the only Red Sox hit.
Xavier Nady strides to the plate to Eminem’s Without Me.  Wakefield goes three up three down once again as he gets Nady and Cano on strike outs to end the frame…End of five…the YMCA grounds crew doing there thing. 
Burnett gave up his second hit…a slow rolling swinging bunt down the third base line…Cody Ransom had no play.  We talked to Ransom about taking over for A-Rod at third while he recovers from his hip surgery.  You can see that in our video section.
A.J Burnett just gave up his first run of the game on a ribbie single into right…we also talked to Burnett along with Johnny Damon which you can also find in our video section…Look kids Big Ben…Parliament.
Burnett’s night is done…5 2/3 82 pitches.  Bases loaded for Rocco Baldelli…and he grounds out to SS…Jonathan Albaladejo came in relief and induced the grounder.
You are probably either listening to this on the radio or watching it on TV…but you have to be here to really appreciate the speed of Brett Gardner…I can’t say it enough..Does he have power no…Does an opposing pitcher shudder when he comes to the plate…no…but the corner infield does.  Speed kills…and he just scored on an infield single from third. 
By the way no crazy fans so far screaming charge into the field mic placed just outside the booth by Carlos Silva…John and Suzyn’s producer for the radio call.  The last game they did here…every time the PA would play the cavalry charge…there was a guy right by the mic screaming charge in his best Tarzan voice as Suzyn pointed out.  Plus the beer and cotton candy vendors would pass under the window screaming, “BEER HERE” and “COTTON CANDY!” which prompted John to ask Suzyn if she needed anything…great moment…and we all heard it was last call for alcohol in the seventh and John again asked Suzyn if she wanted a beer before they shut things down.  Tonight though there have been no incidents.  I will let you know if there are. 
Well if I type it they will come apparently…this time it was two fans with beer glasses raised saying hi to John and Suzyn and they were on the air…classic.
Here is Mariano Rivera…getting his work in…Mo has been a beast…coming into this appearance…28 pitches in three innings of work…he retired eight straight until Gerald Laird singled off of him in his outing against the Tigers last week. And Mo works another perfect inning 13 batters up…12 sat down…in four innings of work so far this spring after coming back from shoulder surgery…its like he never left…he struck out his last batter swinging and P.J. Pillitere who has been the Yankees system since 2005 got to catch a living legend…that had to be a thrill for him…Pillitere also caught Roger Clemens in his tune up tour in Trenton with the Thunder.  
Damaso Marte as Suzyn said on the air has great stuff, but doesn’t go after hitters.  He was facing minor leaguers and walked two of them.  If it wasn’t for a fortuitous bounce on a wild pitch, Marte would have uncorked the go ahead run while facing a minor leaguer as well.  Pillitere made a sparking play getting Ellsbury, who was hung up between 3rd and home.  As John just said on the air you can’t fault Ellsbury, he had to think it was an easy run. 
Big error by Chris Carter allows the Yankees to be set up first and third with no one out…Suzyn with great analysis…the ball was pitcher Manny Delcarmen’s to field and Stewart’s momentum even if he fielded it was bringing him toward home and it was going to be a very tough play for him if he fielded it.  Good stuff in the booth…and Angel Berroa continues his great spring doubling in the go ahead run with a high chopper over third…and John followed with the first commandment in baseball…Delcarmen walked the leadoff batter which is when all the trouble started…
AJAX cleans up the base paths…Austin Jackson hit a grand slam right as Suzyn was describing how Reggie Jackson thinks the power will come for the Yankees coveted prospect.  After the home run, on the YES network, who was right there with a smiling A-Jax?  Reggie Jackson.  Another great job by Suzyn. 
John Sterling’s call of the homer was a little off, but in his defense that ball hooked over the fair pole just fair…it was tough to call…being as that the ball was hit like a laser down the line.  Edwar Ramirez finished things up in the ninth.  Yankees win 7-1 after getting six runs, five earned, including the four courtesy of Jackson’s blast…Again thanks to the WCBS team for letting me hang out and experience the game once again.  This trip was better than last year and I can’t wait for next year.  I have one more day here, but its a complete off day for the Yankees, so this will be my last blog.  I hope you enjoyed my time down here as much as I did bringing it to you.  Thanks for reading, and I will catch you back in the studio for the YES Network Sports Sprint next Monday.  This is CMS signing off from GMS field.

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  1. bakekrukow

    Jackson is looking pretty good. I think next year hes going to get a shot because Matsui, Nady, and Damon are up. The more homegrown players the better.

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