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California Dreamin’

All the leaves are turning brown, but the sky is anything but gray with the Yankees’ postseason run. Just one loss so far, and with one more win tonight out in Anaheim, the Bombers will be back in the Fall Classic for the first time since 2003.

You should all know A.J. Burnett’s story by now. Last year he was in bed with his wife watching postseason baseball wondering what it would be like if it were him pitching in a big game. Tonight, Burnett doesn’t have to wonder. Tonight, Burnett can pitch his team to his second and the teams 40th World Series appearance.

So far in the postseason, with the exception of being a little wild, Burnett has given the Yankees two solid starts. He’s pitched 12.1 innings, allowed a combined three runs on six hits, and the Yanks have won both games by the final of 4-3. As fans you would probably like to watch games without wearing out the leather on the edge of your seat. However, regardless of how they did it, they won both starts and are just one win away from baseball Shangri-la.

Five more wins. Coincidentally for Derek Jeter, Andy Pettitte, Jorge Posada and Mariano Rivera, five more wins equals FIVE GOLDEN RINGS! Calling birds, french hens, turtle doves, and partridges in pear trees sold separately. Christmas is just a little over two months away you know. I couldn’t help myself.

Posada – AROD Update

Listening to Joe Girardi’s press conference. Jorge will be out for two to three weeks with a strained right hamstring. Francisco Cervelli was called up. He will back up Jose Molina.  Alex Rodriguez went 3-for-6 with two home runs in an extended Spring Training game today. 

Passing of a Legend


I’m sitting in my office watching our “live shot” of Yankee Stadium. The tarp is on the field, and our crew has some Hendrix playing over the shot. Cool stuff, but ‘m a little in the dumps today. Why? Well the Yankees just lost their fourth straight game to the Red Sox last night. Jorge Posada needs an MRI on his hamstring and the Bombers have to face Josh Beckett tonight.

I have to be honest, the thing that has me bumming the most though is the passing of Dom DeLuise. My siblings and cousins can communicate with each other just through lines from his movies. If any of us were ever in a sour mood, all someone would have to do is say, “Treasure..bathtub, I’m going to take a TREASURE BATH! TREASURE BATH!” “Here, wash this!” Or maybe his entrance into a room as Captain Chaos (who he simply called, HIM) would bring one of my family members out of the doldrums.

I just know he brought a ton of laughter to me and my entire family for decades, and he will for decades to come. If you knew of him do yourselves a favor and pass on his memory to a new generation. I know I will. His credits are endless, and his humor is timeless.

CC and Jorge Down on the Farm Updates

cc1.jpgCC Sabathia and Jorge Posada are the starting battery in a minor league game going on right now in Tampa at the Yankees minor league complex across the street from the Boss….and I will be bringing you updates as the game progresses…

Top of the 1st Sabathia went three up three down – the leadoff batter for the Pirates minor league squad lined out hard to right…and Sabathia struck out the next two hitters he faced.  The first one window shopping…just browsing…looking take your pick…and the next one went down swinging.

Bottom of the 1st…Jorge Posada batted second and flew out to left batting from the left handed side of the plate.  CC is out for his second inning of work now…I will be back with an update shortly and will definitely let you know if Jorge throws anyone out.

Top 2: After a leadoff double and tag to third on a fly out to center…Jorge Posada made a visit to the mound and we can just speculate that he told him to check second to see if the runner had left early…and CC checked and indeed he did…thats cheating…he was called out…so with two outs Sabathia got the next batter to ground out to first base and he covered the bag with the greatest of ease.  Very fleet of foot for the big fella…No score

Bottom 2:  Posada came up again just four batters after his first out…obviously just trying to get his at bats in and get them in early…there are no rules in these minor league tilts when the big clubs players are trying to get in some work…and Posada struck out on swinging on three straight pitches.

Top 3:  First batter – ground out to short…Sabathia is very economical with his pitch count so far…second batter lazy fly ball to centerfield…we call those a can of corn…two out…but they let the batter stay on first…he stole second on the next pitch and Jorge’s throw sailed to the right side of the bag…it was a strong throw…just off line…safe at second…the runner who was out…then scored on an RBI single into left field…so he was out but he scored…there rules…I don’t make them up…last batter grounded out to Eric Duncan at third.  CC so far 3 innings two hits two strike outs and a run if you want to count the guy that was out on the fly ball that they let run at first… 

Bottom 3:  CC did not bat and neither did Jorge nothing to report on the big club. Jorge is on the bench still in his catchers gear and CC is still on the bench…we expect both will come out for the 4th…

Top 4:  CC and Jorge are back out as expected…Jorge was talking to Tony Pena between innings and Pena told us in our interview that the first throw Jorge made to second in a minor league game when Andy Pettitte started on Thursday…was clocked at 2.15 which is good…then the second throw was 2.00 and his fastest throw of the day was his third throw which came in at 1.95  which according to Tony is excellent.  When they went down to second before the inning started his throw was pinpoint accurate and quick…First batter of the inning singled into left field, but was quickly erased by Posada who threw him out at second…his first of the spring…and we were here…one out…Sabathia still working…next batter flew out to shallow left…two outs…next two batters singled…one to center and one into left…first and second…two outs… next batter walked…bases loaded now…Sabathia in a bit of a two out pickle…gets the next batter though to ground out weakly to third…inning over…So far…CC through 4…four hits…two strike outs…a walk…and no runs allowed…unless again you count the fake run from earlier…see above…

Bottom 4:  Jorge got one more at bat…and reached on an error…his grounder to second was booted by the second baseman…

Top 5:  CC and Jorge are still the battery…if your Metallica fans… BATTERY!!!  And back to the game…first batter doubled down the left field line…a worm burner that painted the line… after a fly out to right…the runner on second went to the bench and they sent a pinch runner to first…all to help Posada work…and Posada’s throw on the steal was his best of the spring!  Nailing the pinch runner by at least 2 steps…another pinpoint throw down to second…and it was on a pitch down in the zone…a tough pitch to throw anyone out on and Jorge did just that…and another pinch runner was inserted and he met the same fate…another throw out for Posada on another tough pitch…a laser beam to second and the runner was meat…Posada then bolted for the dugout…but we are playing five outs this inning…again not my rules…and by the way the Pirates third base coach looked in at the Yankees bench and asked if they should send the runner and the bench said yes…great stuff…the fifth out of the inning was a strike out looking for Sabathia…I would do his line but with the five outs its very confusing…

Bottom 5:  CC and Jorge are done for the day…signing off from Yankees minor league camp this is your buddy Chris saying have a great Sunday and we’ll talk again soon…