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  1. egojohniac

    Hi Chris and Joe,

    I know my comments are not in the correct space. I just read that Bob Sheppard had passed. I will allow the better writers to eulogize him here and elsewhere. The point of this posting is to describe how hard it was for me to explain to my 6 year old daughter why here Daddy had tears in in eyes. >

    I told her of Bob’s place in history, the impeccable elocution, the refinement, and the strength of character. When I described him “as the voice of God,” she told me to be happy. “You’ll hear him every Sunday.” Then she gave me a big hug and bounced off to go play.>

    This forum is for baseball and I respect that. Respect for Bob Sheppard – he is missed, but I’ll get to hear him every Sunday, right?>

    Thank you!>

    Your loyal fan,
    John A. Hudson

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