Dr. Evil is happy because Number 2 is back

Hey everyone!  Deuces are wild today here at the Boss.  I am sitting in Section 211 Row D…Seat 2…The D is for Derek and the 2 is for the number on his back. Derek Jeter is back from the World Baseball Classic and will be in the lineup tonight when the Yankees face the Red Sox at 7:00pm on YES.  Jeter walked into the clubhouse and within seconds he was a morsel of bread tossed to the flock of seagulls of reporters that surrounded his locker.  Picture the scene in Finding Nemo when the seagulls were chasing after the fish in the birds mouth.  Jeter talked to reporters for about 10 mintues about his experiences while away at the WBC.  Including getting up close and personal with guys he has played against and getting to know their personalities. 

Right now I’m just hanging out…no one is in the stadium…its quiet except for the sounds of some birds and the cars on the Dale Mabry…the road that stretches the length of the outfield wall.  There are two guys hosing down the infield and the batting cage is set up.  There is a tarp with the interlocking NY on the pitchers mound…and its about 78 degrees and sunny with some puffy white clouds as far as the eye can see.  Its days like today, that I thank my lucky stars that I am alive and doing the job I always wanted to do.  These are the times I love.  The ballpark is empty with the exception of the YES camera crew setting up.  All I hear now is the nice light breeze whipping through the flags in the outfield and some birds still.  Out in the distance you can see the Buccaneers gigantic Jolly Roger flag blowing in the breeze.  Its right over the right field wall.   

The lineup for tonights game is in the YES Blog.  Jeter is at short and batting second.  Just a reminder I will be in the booth tonight with John Sterling and Suzyn Waldman bringing you another blog from above as the Yankees take on the Red Sox.  It wont be an inning by inning…for that you can just tune into YES tonight or WCBS 880 on your AM dial.  More later…TTFN   

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