Two is greater than four

Yes, boys and girls, it’s time for a little math lesson. Here is our equation for today: 
2 > 4. For those of you who aren’t math whiz kids, (including myself who had to almost Google which sign was the greater sign) this translates into two is greater than four.  

Now I know in the literal sense two is not greater than four. I think we all know, if I have two snowballs and The Blob has four snowballs, I am leaving the fight with two extra bruises. Thus making four greater than two. 

However, in the baseball sense, in regards to a certain New York Yankees pitcher, two is greater than four (2 > 4). Joba Chamberlain’s two pitches out of his right hand coming out of the bullpen are greater than and outweigh the four pitches he is bringing to the table as a starter. I know I am being impatient, I know I may have a touch of JJD or BJD when it comes to where to use Chamberlain, but I truly believe, as many other people do, that Joba needs to go back to the bullpen.

Think about it. He is not giving the Yankees length on a consistent basis. He is pitching four and change, five and change and six and change at best. He’s on a strict pitch count, and he’s on a short leash because of a season innings limit. Why tax your own bullpen leaving early, when you can become very taxing to the opposing team later in the game.

I’m not an expert. I’ve never put myself out there as one and never will. I’m just an Average Joe fan who has been around the game of baseball my entire life. I’m not the only one saying it either. I’m not going to take credit for this stroke of genius. I don’t have a lab at home where I sit and concoct ways to make the Yankees better.  

However, putting Joba back into the pen will make the Yankees better. Especially now that Brian Bruney is back on the DL. Only time will tell what is wrong with his elbow, and if it’s something serious, it only makes the equation more viable.  

Yes boys and girls, two would be greater than four indeed.


  1. yankeexx

    I totally agree. As a starter Joba shows his weakness and flashes of his greatness. In the pen…Joba shows no weakness and excels in greatness. Almost a no brainer. I actually get irritated when he pitches and go on silent mode. He has to be treated so gingerly but only because they protect his weaknesses. In the bullpen he’s lights out and comes in fumed.

    All successful managers know that you put people in place where they can succeed. Joba seems fragile in a way on the the mound as a starter. His mindset is different as a reliever. With no strong bridge then the crossover to wins is jeopardized.

    Joba to the pen? Where do I sign the petition!!!


    I believe until they take the diaper off the only place for Joba is in the pen. He is outstanding in the eighth inning as the setup man. When the day comes when Mo decides he has had enough, Joba movea into the closer spot. What better way to learn the closer role than to spend your time in the bullpen with the greatest closer ever. Oh, and by the way what happens when Joba hits his innings limit? Gene Michael, where are you? Buck Showalter, where are you?
    Two of the best talent evaluators in the game, I believe I saw them on Without a Trace the other night.


    Like your new math. You are right on. Number 62 belons out in the pen. Lets shorten all games to 7 innings.
    He is a nice starter but a GREAT set up man for
    Mo. Then he will take over the closer spot once number 42


    Joba isn’t going to get 125 innings if he is in the bullpen all year. The team planned his development to be flexible, and how he is used depends upon who else performs &/or is injured. As soon as Wang is back to 100% strength to return to the starting rotation, and we are able to get a read on Robertson and Melancon’s effectiveness (or in several more weeks) a decision will be made, For it looks like Hughes can’t be sent down now. Having a groundball pitcher who historically can avoid homeruns might not be a bad idea as late innings guy, but also allowing Joba to take the last 50 innings of work out of the bullpen beginning in July has been in the back of everyone’s mind all along. It does look like he might be more suited to just working 1-2 innings if he can’t give length as a starter, his only going 5 or 6 innings weakens the team.


    This is ridiculous.
    You can’t get length until he builds it up.
    EVERY hard-throwing starter would have better stats in relief, pitching fewer innings in shorter stints.
    Why don’t I hear this about Price in TB? About Halladay and Santana being wasted, when they could have virtual zero ERAs in the pen?
    Joba’s career ERA as a starter (at least until his last start, I haven’t checked) is WELL UNDER THREE. You’re talking about an ace starter. The value of an ace far, far outweighs that of a closer, let alone an eighth inning guy.
    Jeeeez, enough already.
    Let it go.
    They’re not doing it, anyway (thank God)!


    ENOUGH ENOUGH ENOUGH with the Joba nonsense already. He’s a starter this year. Period. He’s got four above average pitches, he’s been a starter all of his life (except for a few months), and he deserves an opportunity to prove himself over the course of an entire season. NOT have the team yo-yo him back to the bullpen after he has a bad start. He’s 23 years old for crying out loud. Give the kid a chance. Thankfully, the Yankees are.


    Enough is, indeed, enough. Who said they’re even considering this? THEY say they’re not.
    Francesa has made this an issue… with the press, with the fans.
    Fortunately, it’s a non-issue in the real world. Not happening.
    Let’s discuss things that actually might happen.

  8. foxpj25

    Why is it the Joba struggles so much in the first inning when
    he is a starter, indicating maybe he didnt warm up enough,
    but, when he comes in from bullpen, he seems to be lights out right away?

    To the pen and just win, now!……this isnt the NCAA
    tournament seedings where late season wins mean more than early season wins

  9. holden529

    Just out of curiosity how are people feeling about Joba now?

    After 8 innings STRONG innings…

    Keep him as a starter

    Ace > Reliever every time…

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