New stadium nickname contest

Hey everyone! We here at would like to start a little contest to see who can come up with the best nickname for the new Yankee Stadium. The winner will walk away … drum roll please … with a choice of a blue or white YES Network Sports Sprint T-shirt that you could sport at the beach or cut the sleeves off and wear it at the gym. We don’t mind … it will be your shirt.

After evaluating the submissions left in the Off the Wall comment box, here are the best nominees. Place your vote now:

Which nickname do you like best for the new Yankee Stadium?(answers)



    Since many call it “The House that George Built”, and since it will no doubt be King of All Stadiums…why not combine them into something simple…

    Call it, “The Boss” – plain and simple.

  2. willj

    Since the old Stadium was never “the house that George rebuilt”, how about “The house that Jeter built.”

    Or maybe just “Fan Heaven.”


    Welcome to Yankee Stadium aka The
    House of Kings
    Pinstripe Palace
    Arena of Roylity
    Crown Jewel of the Big Apple

  4. Chris Shearn

    Hey everyone…some really good submissions…keep them coming in…We have a couple of favorites already…but we have to get together to decide…

  5. fergit3

    “The House That Doesn’t Smell Like Beer Anymore”
    “The House With Cup Holders”
    “The House of Empty Luxury Boxes”
    “The High-Definition House”
    “The House That Construction Workers Built”


    I think that the New Nickname for Yankee Stadium Should Be The House That Derek Jeter Build


    The Boss’s New Office

    …but “The Palace of Pinstripes” is pretty good too. whoever thought of that was pretty creative

  8. terrancelongformvp

    “The House that Luis Sojo Built”
    “The House that Carl Pavano Built”
    “The Launching Pad in the Bronx”
    “The place where $10 beers are almost a value.”
    “The Park with Bark”

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