Cathedral to Coliseum

yankstad4.jpgThe House that Ruth Built. The Cathedral. The Home Office for Baseball. 161st St. and River Ave.  The gracious, grand old ballpark the Yankees used to call home still stands, for now, in the gigantic shadow of the Yankees future, the new Yankee Stadium.

We will miss the old ballpark. We’ll miss the mystique, aura and ghosts that came along with the place across the street.

One thing we won’t miss are the memories. Those we carry with us for the test of time. Those will stay in our thoughts to carry on to our future generations. Our sons, daughters, nieces, nephews and grandkids will all be the beneficiaries of our picture painting of those great times at what was simply called, “The Stadium.”

It is time to turn the page, though. It is time to move across the street and make new memories.  It’s time for Opening Day 2009 at the new Yankee Stadium. Whether you are here in the ballpark today, taking all of the festivities in at home on TV, or listening to John and Suzyn on WCBS 880AM, we are all a part of this historic day. Raise your glasses and toast the old place one last time, and then look across the street and embrace the future.

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