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Dodge Ball

Manny being Manny just took itself to an entirely different level. Stop smiling Red Sox fans, because this can and will taint the stuff he did while you were cheering for him hitting ball after ball off of and over the monster. Stop shaking your heads, yes it does. If Alex Rodriguez gets dragged through the mud, so does your former beloved “idiot” Manny. How far does it go back? Yes I know he said he passed 15 drug tests, but he failed this one. If it opens the floodgates for everyone else, it opens the floodgates for him. Last time I checked, A-Rod just admitted it and is trying to better himself and get his career back on track.

Please stop, by the way, with the smoke screen of the test being because of a prescription handed out by a doctor. So basically what you’re telling me is, you are going to ingest something into your system which your doctor should tell you could show up on a drug test. If in fact it was a doctor he or she did go to school for what, 10 years? You’re going to sit there with a straight face and tell me you didn’t know it may show up on a test? Yet you don’t tell your team, or Major League baseball, that you’re having a personal issue and you were prescribed “X” and if you get tested it may show up on said test? I don’t care if you have the common cold, or swine flu, if you get a prescription from a doctor, in this culture we’re in, you have to bring it up and ask if its going to show up on a test.

It makes me want to throw up as a baseball fan. In fact, I think I just did throw up a little bit in my mouth. Could we just get mandatory drug testing in baseball please? Every week…every player…the whole season…Players union? Anyone? Bueller?

They will never agree to that. So guess what fans? We will never have an end to this. Where are my antacids?