History is still the future

I went to the Rays-Yankees game last night hoping Derek Jeter would go 4-for-5 and break Lou Gehrig’s all-time franchise hit record. After he struck out his first three times at the plate, I knew the chances of anything happening were slim and none, and slim just went on vacation.

Such is life. I did see David Wells perfect game in person, so I have that going for me, which is nice. It’s not like receiving total consciousness on my deathbed, but still, nice.

Anyway, as the players kept coming up and I kept hearing their musical selections, it got me to thinking. What song would I come up to if I was a Major League player? I thought for a second and then it hit me:

Ah, AB Logic’s Hitman. It may be a little brash, or egotistical, like I am going to get a hit everytime I go to the plate, but isn’t that the idea?

Now I want to know what song you would come out to if you were striding to the plate at Yankee Stadium. I will mention the best responses in the “Off the Wall” podcast tomorrow!


  1. jfctiger@aol.com

    How bout some love for a classic?

    “Bananaphone” by Raffi.

    The pitcher would be laughing too hard to strike me out.

  2. misterjls@lycos.com

    I’d come strutting out to ‘Straight Cold Player’ by Lenny Kravitz. P.S. – My NBA theme song would be ‘Mr. Downtown’ by Freddy Fredrickson (from that movie ‘That Thing You Do’), but obviously I’d have to be good at 3-pointers.

  3. letsgoyankees

    Oops, messed up. “Who says you can’t go home” is Bon Jovi (still a good song). Daughtry’s song is called “Home” (I’m going home…). Both are good batting songs.

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