You Don’t Live in Boston…

The New York Yankees run a VERY classy organization and their fans are dubbed by the players as the most knowledgeable fans in the league. Well this week the Boston Red Sox come into town and David Ortiz will bring his cheatin’ heart along with every other cheatin’ part of his body into the Bronx. This will be the time, ladies and gentleman and boys and girls, to show the rest of the country, especially Boston, that not only are you the most knowledgeable, but you handle yourselves with class. Not only because your own team has been caught out on more than one occasion with steroid use, but because you have more CLASS than your “school on Sunday” counterparts in Beantown.

The field microphones picked up plenty of steroid chants when Alex Rodriguez came to the plate whilst the Yankees were in Boston. I don’t want a repeat of that happening at the Stadium. It’s just plain embarrassing.

First of all, for these gulli-bulls, for these nin-cow-poops (Bugs Bunny terms) up in Boston, who thought their precious team was pristine, and free from PED’s … oh wait, that’s right, these are the same people that have re-elected Ted Kennedy over and over and over again, so I shouldn’t be shocked there. The wool is, how you say, easily pulled over their eyes. The entire game was jilted by the juice. Not just New York teams as the Mitchell Report would have you believe, which by the way was run by a guy with ties to the Red Sox.

So Yankees, fans when the big bloody sock machine pulls into town on Thursday for a four game set at the stadium, leave your blow up syringes and steroid chants at home. You don’t live in Boston, YOU live in the greatest city in the world. You, ladies and gentleman boys and girls of all ages, have something your counterparts from the North will never have … class. It reminds me of a coach who took the microphone once and said something along those lines to his hometown crowd.



    Well said Chris. I would love to see Yankees fans handle this with class, and I believe a good amount will, but you know there will be plenty that won’t.

    But here is my only issue: Boston fans have been so high and mighty that their players did NOT cheat and they do things the ‘right way’…and of course, E$PN is doing spin control in any way it can to help their beloved Big Papi and the Red Sox. Now all of the sudden it is criminal to release the names, where was that outrage when A-Rod’s name was leaked?

    So like Red Sox fans whined about Game 7 of the 03 LCS where Giambi’s HR’s ‘should be taken away’ because he cheated, can we now invalidate the comeback in 2004?


    So your saying we can`t do this in NY? What kind of fan are you?? I hope they get an earful everywhere they go in NY. Since they asked for it! I didn`t see Ortiz ask the Boston fans to stop when A-Rod was up! I say give it to them good, and take them out of thier game.

  3. bryan722

    That is such crap. Sox fans are gonna think Yankee fans are a bunch of wusses just like they called the players soft for when they use to throw at our guys when Torre was here and he never retaliated. I don’t care who has more class in the stands, when that cheating, lying, two faced, would be nothing without PED’s comes to the plate give it to him Yankee fans!! A-Rod had to bite the bit with his Peter Gammons interview and press conference while Ortiz and Manny have pretty much gotten off scott free even though Manny was already suspended this year. I don’t believe for a second Ortiz never knew that he got caught in ’03 and says he doesn’t know what he took. Why the hell MLB protects the Red Sox so much, it’s beyond belief. How many current Sox players or past were in the Mitchell Report compared to Yankees? That thing was so biased against NY so now it’s their turn to take the heat.

  4. napoli25

    I think, along with anyone who does have class, that this is a perfect idea. Why would we want to be like our counterparts? “Our enemies” so to speak. Of course some are going to let Papi and company hear it and it is not necessarily bad because you wouldn’t be alive if you didn’t have some emotion towards this concept. But, I agree that New Yorkers have more class than Bostonians and it would be great to see it shown. Regardless of how you feel about this topic, the Yankees need all four wins this week against the nation.


    1st of all we need to beat Boston atleast once before we can open our mouths up .Why is it no class to booo or chant against our biggest rivals why is that no class ???? I thought that why we are fans When are we going to find a 5th starter????

  6. hateslibs

    Chris, I’m waiting to see Ortiz’s name be plastered in every paper everyday for weeks on end since he was named (the same as A-Rod) to using steroids in 03. I haven’t seen the Boston Darling reporter Gammons interview him like he did A-Rod when he was ratted out.. Also Harper, Stark and the rest of these so-called sport writers. This seems like the same setting as to how this non-bias press corps treated Bush. Bush bad, Obama good. Typical partisian press, when Joba throws in to a Red Sox, MLB fines him, when Garza tells the press he hit Tex on purpose, he gets zip, if it was a Yankee what do you think would have happened???? Here’s hopimg Joba buzzes PUKLIS AND ORTIZ…. Chris, thanks for a decent article..John

  7. Chris Shearn

    It’s okay to hate the Red Sox – just saying to handle yourselves with class that’s all. There’s nothing you can do about ESPN and their bias. Obviously they are Yankee haters. Gammons actually defended Ortiz, and it made me want to puke. It’s not like I don’t agree with you, it’s not like I am not angry as well. You can do whatever you want. If I was there though, I wouldn’t do anything but boo him. You can boo and handle yourself with respect especially for the people around you.

  8. letsgoyankees

    I’d boo Ortiz. But you only look stupid making sterid chants with inflatable syringes with A-Rod on the team. I REALLY want to win this one, props to the Yankees for getting Mitre out and Joba in the series.

  9. karinct

    A sweep would speak louder than any fans boo’ing Ortiz. The Yanks are a very different team from the one that went 0-8 against the Sox. As a fan, I would LOVE for the bats to do the talking. . and just sit back and smile. 🙂


    The Ted Kennedy point was an excellent analogy. People from the state of Massachusetts need check ups from the neck up. It shows you the mentality of the Boston fan when they keep this holy than thou piece of crap in office.


    The Ted Kennedy point was an excellent analogy. People from the state of Massachusetts need check ups from the neck up. It shows you the mentality of the Boston fan when they keep this holier than thou piece of crap in office.


    Hey, we are first class fans, there is no doubt about it. However, why do we, Yankee fans, need to keep quiet and not comment about the cheating Red Sux players or any other players for that matter? A cheat is a cheat. A-rod came out and admitted his mistake(s) and was called to task on it. Because it is Ortiz (and Ramirez) it is OK? No it isn’t OK. They need to be held responsible for their actions. They have cheated for years using steroids. Their individual accomplishments and the 04 and 07 world series wins are tainted. They disgust me. And the press? Where are they…like someone said, the press gives the Red Sux players a break and haven’t kept on them or held them responsible like they did A-rod. Talk about playing favorites! The announcers are supposed to be neutral! The Red Sux will never be at the level the Yankees are. They are second rate. As a Yankee fan from RI, you don’t hear and see all that goes on…the Red Sux announcers trash the Yankees every single chance they get! They never have a good word and they are extremely negative – so much so it borders abuse! Why aren’t they talked to about that? Yet Susan Waltman and John Sterling speak highly of all teams the Yankees play. I am attending Saturday’s game. I can’t wait to call Ortiz a “cheater” which is exactly what he is. He is still denying it. What does that tell you about him and the Red Sux! They need a little taste of their own medicine!

    Go Yankees!

  13. yanksrulebostondrools

    Yankee fans shouldn’t chant steroids or anything because that is hypocritical, it would make you no better than the RedS ox fans who blast.

    You cannot chant steroids at a guy, when your OWN DAMN TEAM HAS STEROID USERS!

    So Shearn is a SMART Yankee fan.

  14. popejonash

    There is no way that Yankee fans will handle Boston’s arrival with class or any sense of decorum. Yes, they have some of the most knowledgeable fans around, but they also have some of the most obnoxious. Don’t think that just by being loud and rude and all ‘I’m from Nuu Yuuurk, I know best’ makes you passionate. It doesn’t. As weird as it may seem, you can be respectful of the sport and those around you while still cheering, chanting, booing and hollering. For some fans, not just in the Bronx, this concept is lost way too often. Ash

  15. urbanshawk

    As much as I would like to think that the Yankees fan base has more class than Red Sox fans, I remember last year the week before Josh Hamilton wowed the fans in attendance of the Home Run Derby, the bleacher creatures harassed him during a regular season game because of his past drug use.
    Like it or not, Yankee fans are just as prone to sorriness as any other fan base is.

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