The Lighthouse of Hope

pedro250_061909.jpgPedro a Yankee?
Surely, you can’t be serious. I am serious and don’t call me Shirley. The Yankees had someone in the Dominican Republic watching, “Mr. Who’s Your Daddy” himself. Should we read anything into this? Well, according to the New York Daily News, no we shouldn’t. They reported that someone close to the Yankees believed the team was just doing a solid for agent Fern Cuza. He also represents Mariano Rivera. I highly doubt Pedro Martinez will EVER come to the Yankees. After what he pulled with Don Zimmer, and sending Derek Jeter and Alfonso Soriano to the hospital in the same day. Oh by the way, he and Jorge Posada aren’t the best of friends either. That would be an interesting battery to watch. It would kind of be like Jerry pitching to Tom, before the cartoon went absolutely stupid when they became friends, ugh.

Yankees drop two to the Nationals – World to end – read all about it!
I thought about this a lot today. Does it absolutely stink on ice that the Yankees dropped two of three to the worst team in the major leagues? Does it reek of month old milk left out on the table for a week, when three starters from said worst team, and the worst bullpen in the league come into your house and own you? The answer to both of these questions is yes, but this is baseball. If you have played it at any level in your life, you know as well as anyone, that you are going to go through spells where you don’t hit worth a lick and you cant pitch to save your life. Right now that’s exactly what’s going on with the Yankees.

We are all guilty of being Veruka Salt, the spoiled little girl from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. The old one with Gene Wilder, I refuse to even acknowledge they made a new one.  We are all running around and screaming, “But, Daddy, I want a Yankees’ win nowwwwwwwwww!”

There are 96 games left. 96. Again, let me reiterate, I am not excusing this team from taking a beat down by the Nationals. All I am saying is take a chill.  It took the perfect storm for the Nats to come in here and do what they did. Sometimes baseball teams all have some hitting issues at once. The Yankees just picked the wrong team to go cold against. This is a team if you remember that won eight in a row.  I know they are 3-6 in their last nine. I know the 3-6 could be 2-7 or 1-8. It happens. It’s baseball. The 1998 Yankees – one of the best teams of all time – at one point of the season lost 11 of 19 games. Did the world end? We are here right?

They lost to the White Sox who finished 80-82. They lost to the A’s who finished 74-88. They lost to the Mariners who were 76-85. They also lost to the Twins who finished 70-92.

We all have to learn like Joshua from Wargames.  The world almost ended in that 80’s classic because of snot nosed computer geek Matthew Broderick, the world is not going to end because the Yankees lost a series to the Nationals.  Besides, it’s not 2012 yet.  The waters may seem troubled, but look to the “Lighthouse of Hope.”  That would be my bald head.  All of you fans are out on a boat and all you see are choppy waters in the “Sea of Negativity” that is this area.  You see huge waves about to crash on top of you and the Yankees season.  96 games.  The ship your on has plenty of time to right itself and it starts tonight in Florida.  

Ninety-six games.  Look to the lighthouse and let me bring you back in to seeing the glass as half full.

Joba Chamberlain – Again Chris?  Really?
Sorry, just a couple of things.  I just have a couple of questions.  Why is it that Phil Hughes, who is supposed to be a starter, is working out of the bullpen now and no one has a problem with that?  Meanwhile Joba continues to not be lights out in his starts and he gets a free pass?   “Chien-Ming Wang is killing the bullpen!”  This can be heard echoing all over the radio in this area.  Joba isn’t?  I love how people want to bury a guy who won 46 games in two and a half years.  Yeah lets just throw him on the scrap heap.  Watch how fast other teams come in like a flock of seagulls (not the haircut) to pick him up.  If you are going to be patient with Chamberlain, give Wang the same respect.  Notice how I didn’t say Joba should be back in the bullpen.

One more thing – just curious – do you know how many games are left in the season?  Here’s a hint, sing 99 bottles of beer on the wall, but make believe you’ve already took down and passed around three.

Squish the Fish.

End of Transmission  



    Chris, I had to agree with the above posting about Joba. To me, he seems lazy. H e knows we won’t bench him, send him packing to the pen, so why should he challenge him self? Why should he be better then he’s showing now? No one’s getting on him, No one’s gonna be able to push him, he knows this, so why should he challenge him self? Last night was a great example, he was unbeatable till the 4th, then he started getting lazy, pitching around hitters, walking them and of course, walking in runs, and out in 5 innings. This is pathetic. We are paying a kings ransom for him to be better then this, and yet, start after start, 5 innings and off to the showers..
    Now, of course, we don’t have to stop with him for being lazy. Robbie Cano is the king of lazy. You’ll never accuse him of leaving the batters box in a hurry, he’ll never be accused ever of running out a grounder in a hurry. And his taking plays off at second have cost us runs and games. How many times has he blown a grounder to second because he got lazy? Larry Bowa was on him all the time about it, and with Bowa leaving with Torre, Cano doesn’t have that guy pushing him now. We traded away Sorriano for this idiot? Why? Why? WHY?????
    Texeria.. Why does he always run to first on any ground ball to his right that he doesn’t want to try to get? We give up so many hits courtesy of his not going for every ball hit his way. You hit it directly to him, or his left, he’s all over it, to his right, Cano is running his rear end off to grab them.
    Aroid? Glad he’s finally on the bench. He’s been useless. .214, and as with his reputation, not there when we need him. it more then likely won’t hurt us being out of the line up. Can we bury him on the bench permanently along with Swisher?

  2. karinct

    I want a win.
    I want a BIG win!
    7 running innings, that leaves their heads spinning.
    It?s all about winning. .

    I want a Sweep.
    I want no Errors.
    Hits that are Clutch, Line drives they can not touch.
    Is that asking too Much?
    Give it to me

    I want to see games with great plays and laughter.
    Walk of wins with Whipped Cream.
    And if I don’t get the things I am after.
    I’M GOING TO SCREAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I want a ring.
    I want the whole thing
    Trophies gold inlaid, rationale for the overpaid
    A Ticker Tape Parade.
    And Now. .

    Don’t Care How. .
    I Want It Now.
    Don’t Care How. .
    I Want It

    Apologies in advance. . but you put the song in my head!!

  3. karinct

    Yay!!! Now you made my week!! A T-shirt, a W from Andy. . all I need is Joba in the Pen!! (Yeah. .I said it 🙂

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