We Want Torre?


And you were worried about swine flu? I’d be more worried that JJD is spreading at an alarming rate and it affected all those in attendance at the Yankees’ latest loss to the Red Sox.

Fans were chanting, “We Want Torre?”

Really?! You really think this has to do with the manager? You really think Joba Chamberlain going out and giving up four runs in the first inning (even though he rebounded for a strong finish the damage was already done) had nothing to do with the Yankees latest loss? You really think Jorge Posada being on the DL had nothing to do with the Yankees latest loss? You really think not having A-Rod has nothing to do with the Yankees getting out to a mediocre start? You really think Chien-Ming Wang basically forgetting how to pitch has nothing to do with the Yankees and the position they’re in right now? You really think the bullpen instead of being a bridge to Mariano Rivera is The Bridge on the River Kwai after the explosion has nothing to do with the Yankees being 500 after 26 games? You really think Mark Teixeira’s slump, hitting out of the three hole, has nothing to do with the Yankees not being able to stay consistent? Really?!  

The Bombers are now 0-5 against their arch rivals (which is more fan driven now, the players are too huggy kissy for me these days). Their record matches the Munsters’ address number, 13-13, and there seems to be just a general malaise floating through the air.
And you know what that general malaise is called boys and girls. Yup I am going back to the well until its bone dry. You can all say it with me, Janet Jackson Disease.

While the only cure for Bruce Dickinson’s fever was more cowbell, the only cure for the spread of JJD is, quite simply, winning.

Seriously though people, you want Joe Torre back? The same Joe Torre most of you wanted out of here? The same Joe Torre that you were fed up and disgusted with? This is why the city of New York will always be single. It’s impossible to be in a relationship with this place. It falls out of love too damn fast.

No one is more prepared, and no one gives more attention to detail than Joe Girardi. Who, by the way, is a former Manager of the Year…with the Florida Marlins. Just chill out, we haven’t even played a quarter of the season yet and the Yankees haven’t had their full team on the field once.

For some comic relief and to ease your Yankees tension check this out it always makes me laugh…RIP Dom DeLuise.



  1. aerod500

    I am so glad see you write this. I agree completely! Joe Torre is good when he has a team that is baisically good on its own. The minute he has a challenge, his management skills go out the window. Who could not manage the Dodgers now? Manny is so happy to be in LA and out of Boston, being loved by the fans, that he is certainly easier to manage. The division there is easeir than the AL East. Torre could not manage A-Rod, who is a handful I admit, but he couldn’t. Girardi has no problem with him. Girardi needs more time. He has not has a healthy team since he arrived. I love my fellow NY fans, but they are too quick to turn on a player or manager as soon as we loose two games in a row. Joe deserves the season, and a season with healthy players and a good bullpen. He certainly does not have that now.

  2. rvrat15@aol.com

    Uh, I believe Mr. Joseph Torre and his outlandish managing just happened to take our beloved New York Yankees to the playoffs 12 times in a row. Now Joltin Joe Girardio has had 1 season with the Bombers, no playoffs, no nuttin. Oh I see the Dodgers made the playoffs because of Manny. Well doesn’t every team make the playoffs because ot the players on that particular team. Just seems to me that Joe Torre had a better handle on the guys in the clubhouse. And to paraphrase a US Senator from Texas, I know Joe Torre and Joe Girardi is no Joe Torre.

  3. scribegt

    Torre would have wrecked Joba and Melancon by now — or did you forget how many relievers’ careers he ruined by using his favorites everyday?

    Torre would not have found a place for Swisher to play every day when he was hitting, he would have played Damon and Matsui everyday because they were his veterans.

    I am no huge Girardi fan, but this isn’t his fault. He can’t wave a wand and make Jose Veras consistent or get Texeria over his NYC jitters. At the same time, once Boston stops playing the Yankees, they get dumped on by teams like Tampa Bay and Oakland, so I really am not worried about them yet. They have their own issues.

  4. lara731@gmail.com

    Let’s bottom line it people…Don Zimmer was the manager of the team that won 4 World Titles…how many Championships did Clueless Joe with without the baseball mind that had a clue. Do you think if Don Zimmer were there in 2004, they wouldn’t have won that Red Sox series.

  5. letsgoyankees

    That the fans were chanting for Torre is a disgrace and an undeserved rather cutting insult to Joe Girardi. Whoever started this chant should be ashamed.
    By the way, any chants of we want Swisher after the bullpen meltdown?

  6. bakekrukow

    JOE TORRE RUINED THE 2007 ALDS BY NOT PULLING THE TEAM OFF THE FIELD WITH THE BUGS. Girardi might have faults, but it’s because of Girardi that last years bullpen was so good. At on point last years rotation was:
    1) Mike Mussina
    2) Andy Pettitte
    3)Darrel Rasner
    4) Sidney Ponson
    5) Dan giese/Alfredo Aceves/som other loser i forgot about

    Girardi won 89 games with a terrible rotation and an anemic offense. Thats really not that bad.

  7. southernlin

    Giradi needs to either get a new pitching coach and a new hitting coach or just give it up. Theres no excuse for so many LOB and having to use seven pitchers in a game.
    They average double digit LOB every game. Send Chamberlain back to the bull pen or somewhere that he can learn to keep his speed up and not pitch batting practice to the opposing team.

  8. ron smith

    Hi Chris
    I just want to reserve time on sept 1 because at the end of the year an d joe is still here the yankees will be in last place.All i see him do durling the game is to rest his chin on the rail or hold his chin in his hands.He has to inject some raw raw into this team .No heart in this team.no heart no wins.we go 0 18 with the red soxsthis year.GET RID OF JOE BEFORE IT IS TO LATE

  9. camello68

    Manager of the Year with 78?84 record, this guy is a looser and he will always be, he is a mediocre. He does not know how to manage, the yankees need to get rid of him before the hole is deeper. Get Donnie baseball he will be a good manager for the Yankees, a true Yankee not a joke like Girardi.

  10. ponce2000

    in all fairness girardi has not had the full team so lets wait before we run this guy out of NY..the bulpen is horrible,too many men left on base n MARIANO CAN`T PITCH AGAINST THE RED SOX……and torre was n always will be a terrible manager,he just happen too be in the rigth place at the right time,he never won before new york and he won`t win again…

  11. 2103eland

    I think that the problem is we haven’t had our whole team yet . I do think we need a new pitching coach though , Why is Dave the pitching coach just because he played for the Yankees doesn’t qualify you to be pitching coach . How about this week when the third base coach sent Mely to third and was out . Pena came up after that out and hit a double which Melky would have scored . We have to start getting back to playing small ball again like in the late 90’s . This team seems not focused and that worries me . Mark my words that if the Yanks don’t make the playoffs Joe will be gone . The yankees have invested alot of money both with payroll and the new stadium that they will have no choice bit to let Cash and Joe go .

  12. rvrat15@aol.com

    How did Brian Cashman ever get any credit for the Yankee playoff run. The credit for that team should go to Gene Michael and Buck Showalter. We have one of the greatest talent evaluators in the game of baseball and we hide him somewhere were no one can find him. Look Brian is a nice kid but look at the decisions he has made. Signing Marte for 3 years is a prime example. He and the little minions in Tampa need to go. Like Michael Kay’s home run call, see ya!

    Yes, Joe Torre, had great players. Gee, they never were hurt and Dom Zimmer managed the team. Iknow, Iknow Joe just sat in the dugout and sipped green tea. You people are ungrateful and really unreal. 25 personalities on a team need to be managed. It is not easy and depending on how you manage people off the field determines how effectively they will play the game. I don’t care who gets credit for the decisions on the field, they are purely luck of the draw.

  13. yomomma139

    Have to disagree with you, Chris. Do I want Torre back? Well no, he’s not available, so that’s a moot point. HOWEVER, he shouldn’t have been jettisoned to begin with – he was not replaced by a better manager. Obviously, Clueless Joe has neither the temperment nor the ability of Joe T. in the NYC cauldron nor the ability to motivate. And some of his game calls have been bad, too. This team spent 7 innings sleepwalking last nite and I’m all for personal responsibility, but at some point the fact the players won’t play for Clueless has got to become relevant. Fans chanting ‘We Want Torre’ is nothing but frustration and a desire to send a message to management what we think of Clueless Joe.

  14. sambonenj@hotmail.com

    The issues that the Yankees are having really do not have a lot to do with Joe Torre. It has everything to do with the philosophies from the top right on down. Remember the days when the Yankees had a deep bullpen and a bench that was versatile and productive?

    Remember when the Yankees had a Starting 5 you knew could be relied on…remember when the Yankees had players who ran the bases well and did not strand runners on base at alarming rates?

    Ca$hman is the issue right now with the Yankees. He needs to go, as well as the 80’s-esque philosophies that have creeped back into the South Bronx.

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