I’ll take the Yankees and Forrest Gump for $1000, Alex

The answer is, “The quote from the movie that most represents the 2009 Yankees so far.” Ooh, ooh, I know this! What is, “Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get.” Mama always said it about life, and now I am saying it about these Yankees.

From the lineup, to the bullpen, to the starters, I don’t know if I’m getting butter cream, peanut butter, or coconut filling. I hate coconut filling by the way. And, lately, the Yankees are giving me plenty of coconut.

The losing streak is now at four. Chien-Ming Wang is on the DL with a hip flexor issue, (hip flexor issue in this case means he’s out of options, couldn’t send him down to Triple A) and has an ERA over 34. CC Sabathia was supposed to come in here and be a shut-down ace, injecting CC’s of 0’s and K’s into opposing lineups. Still waiting for that to happen. Yes, I’m aware of what he did last year with the Indians and the Brewers. He was 12-0 over 18 starts last June 10th through September 10th. But, CC, “What have you done for me lately? Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, yeah.” Janet Jackson Disease (JJD) is very catchy and I think I am coming down with it. Everyone is worried about Swine Flu now, but JJD is what I am worried about catching.

Sabathia pitched well enough to win last night, but either Justin Verlander miraculously remembered how to pitch, or the Yankees forgot how to hit.

A.J. Burnett has been OK, but, in his last start, the Yankees had a 6-0 lead on Josh Beckett, and they couldn’t hold on. Unfortunately, that’s what sticks in your head. Big time symptom of JJD. You’re only as good as your last start or your last at-bat.

Joba Chamberlain’s days as a starter should be numbered. I’m Maverick here and I am calling the ball — especially if Phil Hughes can make an instant impact. Hughes has been lights out at Triple-A Scranton/Wilkes-Barre (three wins, 19.1 IP, 1.86 ERA 19K, 3 BB), and tonight he gets the start against the Tigers.

I may be getting ahead of myself with Mark Melancon, but with Brian Bruney being on the shelf, the bridge to Mariano would be a lot sturdier if it went Melancon, Chamberlain, Rivera.  John Flaherty told me in Flash Forward this week that the Yankees were forced to bring Melancon up a little early, but to be put in at Fenway Park in front of a national television audience, and to do what he was able to do was impressive. (You can catch the entire Flash Forward in the video section of YESnetwork.com.)

As far as the hitting goes, Robinson Cano has really been the only consistent plate performer. The Yankees second baseman is the only one hitting over .300. Nick Swisher has cooled off, and Brett Gardner and Mark Teixeira are both hitting .220. There is some good news, though.  Alex Rodriguez took live batting practice down in Tampa today, and you will see the video on Yankees Batting Practice Today at 6 p.m. ET on YES.

I know its “still early” in this 2009 season, but when does it start to get late? Yogi Berra said it the best, “It gets late awfully early around here.” He was commenting on the adverse sun conditions in left field at the old stadium. His quote, however, will stand the test of time to the spreading disease that is Janet Jackson. Nineteen games in, I’m already suffering from the symptoms. However, I promise … no, I guarantee … no wardrobe malfunctions will occur on the set.  


  1. moniquemcguire@yahoo.com

    “Your only as good as your last start or your last at bat” should have read “You’re only as good as your last start or your last at bat.” I love to edit. The blog was great and I hope the Yankees can pull it together soon, because I was born to love the Yankees!

    I really liked this statement, “I know its “still early” in this 2009 season, but when does it start to get late? Yogi Berra said it the best, “It gets late awfully early around here” and loved the way you quoted Yogi!

    On a side note…please no wardrobe malfunctions…

  2. arod4prez

    Personally, I think some of the bad pitching has to go on J. Posada. Chris, can you find out what is the difference of the SP/RP ERA under Molina vs. Posada? It seems that when Posada catches, the opposition scores more than 6 runs but when Molina catches, the other team scores less than 6 runs. Its no coincidence that Molina is starting tonight over ol’ man Posada.

  3. letsgoyankees

    Why do people think Joba should be in the bullpen on the grounds Hughes does well? News flash people, Wang is on the DL. Unless the Yanks want to go to four starters (which they won’t), we need Joba as a starter.

  4. Chris Shearn

    Joba goes back in the pen because when Wang comes off the DL Hughes takes Joba’s spot and Wang works back into the rotation…Melancon/Chamberlain/Rivera…the firm that closes cases…book it.

  5. Chris Shearn

    Not yet letsgoyankees…when Wang comes off the DL and heads back to the rotation…if hughes keeps up nights like tonight…Joba back to the pen…Melancon/Chamberlain/Rivera…the firm that closes games…book it!

  6. tempny

    Don’t forget Bruney in the Pen too Chris…When he comes back…it’s going to be right where he left off.

  7. letsgoyankees

    YES Blog guy (is that Auriemma?) is right. We also have Bruney.
    And Melancon, who throws very few pitches, will be able to go multiple innings. Seven/eighth inning guy?

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