THE I(RS)des of April are upon you

Observations on Tax Day Eve 2009

I Saw the Sein
Page 2 New York Post – Mike Vaccaro’s column on Citi Field – Jerry Seinfeld named his son after a pie? Really? Shepherd? Why do they call Ovaltine? The jar is round, why don’t they call it Roundtine! Gold Jerry! Gold! By the way HUGE Seinfeld fan…had an idea for an episode actually…everyone gets on the computer dating scene…George and Jerry wind up with clunkers…yet Kramer and Elaine are taking things slow with there cyber significant others…and at the end of the show they show up to meet their matches and its each other…Hey Elaine what are you doing here? I’m here to meet my date, what are you doing here? Hoochie MAMA!

Two former members of the Knicks Do Nothing Dynasty (or simply the DND) are back in the news. Stephon Marbury is off to the playoffs with the Celtics and his former coach, Isiah Thomas, accepting an offer to coach Florida International University.

Marbury, talking about his new teammates said, “I want the same feeling (of winning a championship). When you win a championship, it’s like a drug. You’re on a high. I want some of that high.” See the Bruce Beck interview on You Tube…you would think he won a championship…tongue firmly planted in cheek.

Good luck Zeke, maybe you can welcome FIU to the NIT.

Swisher the Pitcher?
Nick Swisher has played the outfield, he’s played first base, and now he could add reliever to his Yankees resume. Considering how its been so far for the bullpen, Swisher and his 0.00 ERA may be called upon again soon.

Biblical Stadium
A fan came up with the best nickname for the new Citi Field, “The House of David.” I like it and David Wright was the first Met to go deep at their new digs. Mike Pelfrey allowed the first ever home run to Jody Gerut to lead off the game.

By the way does Carlos Beltran have to become Kelly Leak from The Bad News Bears and chase down all the fly balls in the Mets outfield?

First Pitch Blues
On another Mets note…do you think the organization will let the battery tandem of Seaver and Piazza throw out another first or last pitch? They closed Shea last season with a loss that knocked the Mets out of the playoffs…and this season Citi Field opened with a loss.

Wang Way
The average age of the Yankees 25-man roster is 29.88. Chien Ming Wang’s ERA currently comes in right under that at 28.93.

Yo Ho Doh
Mad Props to President Obama for authorizing the hit on the Somali pirates by our Navy SEALS…The three pirates were taken out by three snipers, on three simultaneous shots, freeing their captive Captain Richard Phillips. A job well done.

A Fond Farewell
And a so long goes out to two members of the baseball community who passed away yesterday. Harry Kalas and Mark Fidrych. Check out Jim Kaat’s remembrances in Kaat’s Korner.


  1. bakekrukow

    When Captain Phillips was rescued, I was very happy. But then that 15-5 loss happened, and my happiness was swept away. “Swisher the Pitcher” was the most entertaining part of that game. Hey, maybe they should offer Captain Phillips a 1 year deal to be a middle reliever.


    LOL @ the Seinfeld episode! Get those thoughts down on paper and submit it to Hollywood for Seinfeld the Movie!

    I was going to say it would be intriguing to see Zeke in the NIT and FIU against the likes of St. John’s, but oh wait, the Red Storm cannot even make THAT tournament!!

  3. Chris Shearn

    Ah the good ol days Brian when the Redmen were tournament fixtures…even when they lost to Detroit and Tulane…they were still there…as Van Halen once said, “Where have all the good times gone?”

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