Greetings from the NEW Yankee Stadium!

yankstad3.jpgIt’s unbelievable!  It’s incredible!  Opening Day at the new Yankee Stadium and they’re filling pot holes right by Exit 6 on the Major Deegan.  I mean you just can’t make this stuff up. Why in the? What the? Who scheduled a pot hole crew for April 3rd right by the exit to the old and new Stadium?

Oh yeah, throw into the equation that it’s raining and everyone forgets how to merge when there is a little weather happening…and it made the commute here lovely.  Needless to say, I can’t wait for the Metro North stop to be completed sometime towards the end of May. 

Okay …had to vent … now the Stadium.
Holy Shnikies!  The Place is Gi-Normous!  I think I just combined lines from Tommy Boy and Elf right there, but this place is in a word amazing.

As I just typed that line, I looked down the right field line and caught the familiar 314 sign on the fence and for a split second it almost felt like I was back in the old stadium. The signage is almost the same as it was in the House that Ruth Built.  When you get here for the first time, try it. Zone in on that section of the field and see if it hits you as well.
Update: Just got back from the new clubhouse. If I was a player, I would never leave, and I would absolutely HATE being on the road. Each locker has their own laptop. Five HD TVs and leather couches are in the middle of the room. It’s kind of cool to know that at 1 o’clock every day my bald dome will be on all five of those televisions doing the YES Network Sports Sprint before the Mike Francesa show. Shameless plug.

A gigantic interlocking NY is in the middle under the ceiling where the TVs hang.  As I am describing this to you, the band performing tonight’s anthem from West Point, is practicing.  The acoustics are incredible.

Thumbnail image for yankstad2.jpgAnyway, back to the clubhouse. Out of the clubhouse and to your right down the stairs are two batting cages with the projection screen pitching machines…when the pitcher throws in the video the ball comes out…and a lone exercise bike. To the right of the exercise  bike…two big doors lead to the Yankees dugout. It was a tight squeeze in the old stadium walking from the clubhouse down the ramp and out to the field, but there is PLENTY of elbow room as you go into the new dugout.

The rain has stopped for the time being. Maybe, hopefully, we will get to see some baseball here tonight.  Don’t forget YES’ coverage starts at six with an hour-long pregame show.  Bob Lorenz, John Flaherty, Michael Kay, David Cone, Paul O’Neill and Kim Jones are all in the house.

If you can’t be here tonight, the next best place to be is on your living room couch looking through the eyes of our great directors and producers as they bring you the New Yankee Stadium. 


  1. yankeexx

    What??? It’s raining there? Let me do my Hawaiian chant with ti-leaves..Rain rain go away…let the Yankees play today. Hope that works but the only thing is the last time I did it here it snowed hope you have the right effect. Sunshine at night. (:

  2. jeff1112

    I’m looking forward to the broadcasts tonight and tomorrow.

    The new stadium must be unbelievable. Chris, you are one of the luckiest guys in the world to be one of the first ones to see the park with YES.

    I was wondering if YES will have more broadcast capabilities at the new stadium? Does the new park include any special accommodations for YES to do pre and post games stuff, tapings, and interviews?

  3. yankeexx

    I’m loving the sights and the sounds from the stadium on tv. It’s coming loud and clear here in Hawaii! Go Yankees!!

  4. mayz

    I’ve always believed that construction schedules are planned to maximize inconvenience. Anyways, can’t wait to go to the opening series, Yanks vs. Indians. Hopefully my Tribe will spoil the party.


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