Guess who’s back…back again…Hey everybody!  Happy Monday!  Sorry for my enthusiasm for this Monday.  Normally Mondays are reserved for sour pusses and dreading the drudging back to work after a nice two days off.

Not this Monday.  Not for me.  This is a different kind of Monday.  A Spring Training Monday.  I’m not in a cubicle and I can’t hear anyone answering the phone repeatedly saying, “Accounts payable, Nina speaking, just a moment.”  Little Office Space humor for you there…and it continues…This guy typing definitely doesn’t have a case of the Mondays as I listen to the Mama’s and the Papa’s “Monday, Monday” blaring over the speakers here at Bright House Field in Clearwater, Fla., as the Yankees are set to take on the World Champion Philadelphia Phillies in Grapefruit League action. The Yankees are coming off a 5-0 loss to the defending American League Champion Rays yesterday, where lefty David Price was nearly unhittable.                                              

First let me tell you about our adventure to get to the ballpark this morning.  I brought my GPS device down here, or as I like to call her, Lola, and Lola ran us into a little bit of trouble at the outset of our trip. We started out going the right way until Lola told us to turn around and head in the other direction. As we got on Route 275, I told Kevin Sullivan to check to see where this thing was taking us, and as he scrolled ahead to the upcoming turns, it turns out we were headed to Jacksonville.  Um…I’m not very Florida literate…but…as I use my Ron Burgundy voice as I type…Even to the laymen Jacksonville is not Clearwater…agree to disagree…when in Rome…

There is construction all around our hotel, and they warned us about using a GPS, but did we listen? Nope. Just thought that would amuse you. I hope it did.

We were able to talk to Nick Swisher, Brian Bruney, Cody Ransom, Jim Kaat, and Hal Bodley of We are in the process of editing all of these pieces and as soon as they are done they will be up on the site. Plenty to look forward here today on the new!  Come back during the day and I will have game updates…hopefully because right now it is a monsoon here in Clearwater. This area needs the water though.  They are going through a drought.   TTFN…

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