New Mexico in the house!

Yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting a couple from the great state of New Mexico.  The husband is a lifelong resident of the state and a huge Yankees fan.  His wife just recently jumped on board and I don’t think she really had a choice.  They have DirecTV and wanted to know why certain programs are blacked out on DirecTV in their state.  I did some digging and here is what I found out.  Yankeeography and Yankees Classics are productions by MLB and under the contract we have now we are not allowed to show them outside the footprint of the tri-state area.  I hope this clears things up.  There will be another update on this as well.  Check back in!  I hate forgetting people’s names…and I did in this situation…I hope that nice couple will forgive me and I hope they had a great time here on their first trip to Tampa.



    Hi Chris thanks for the info on the YES Network blackout and that did explain it. We enjoyed meeting and talking to you and appreciate the good job that you and Joe Auriemma do bringing inside Yankee info.

    If you and your family ever get to New Mexico, please let us know and we will show you around and get your daughter on her first horse.

    Keep up the good work and will be blogging you again sometime. Thanks again!!! Paul and Cathy

  2. Chris Shearn

    not a problem Paul and Cathy…thanks again for the kind words…hope you enjoyed Tampa and we’ll see you on TV and the web! I will def. take you up on that offer in New Mexico too! Thanks!

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