Green Tea Lattes Rule

It’s Day Two for me down in Tampa for and the Yankees. Let me bring you up to speed on what has happened for me so far:
Thursday March 19th:
4:00 am – Woke up and had some Special K with strawberries at my house in CT.
4:45 am – Left the house for JFK Airport.
6:30 am – First one to arrive at the gate for my 8:05 flight.
8:35 am – Left JFK – total flight time two hours, 33 minutes.
11:17 am – Arrived in Tampa – Godfather of Joe Auriemma and Kevin Sullivan picked me up.
12:00 pm – Checked in – room was not ready – hotel bar for lunch.
12:30 pm – After enjoying a Chicken Sandwich (without bread – I gave it up for Lent), room was ready – I unpacked
1:30 pm – Left hotel and went to Steinbrenner Field or as John Sterling refers to it as “The Boss.”
2:00 pm – Saw Harlan Chamberlain – Joba’s dad outside the clubhouse, introduced myself and headed inside.
2:15 pm – Ran into John Flaherty and set up an interview with him to tease our upcoming segment “Flash Forward.”
2:30 pm – Interviewed Harlan Chamberlain about Joba and the team’s chances this year (WATCH).
2:45 pm – Interviewed John Flaherty about what he’s seen this spring and the upcoming season (WATCH).
3:00 pm – Watched the Yankees take BP from the dugout (this never gets old – I feel like I am 10 all over again).
4:30 pm – Got into the press box and watched Joe edit our pieces.
5:30 pm – Bought dinner at Outback Steakhouse…at Steinbrenner Field!  They had Bloomin Onions, but I stayed away.
6:00 pm – Ate dinner – a filet sandwich from Outback, which was tremendous by the way.
7:15 pm – Sat in the bleachers and watched some of the Yankees and Blue Jays.
9:30 pm – Went back to the hotel, watched some of the tournament, and went to bed. Seventeen and a half hours was enough for me.
Needless to say I needed a good night’s sleep and a Grande Green Tea Latte from Starbucks to give me a nice kick in the rear end to get me going. We had a quick turnaround at the Stadium South this morning and it turned out to be a very productive morning. We were able to talk to Joe Girardi about Jorge Posada and Mariano Rivera and how they are coming back from off season surgeries. Girardi and the coaching staff are very impressed with both players. They didn’t think they would be this advanced this soon. We also learned Andy Pettitte will throw 60-65 pitches in a minor league game today as well.

As far as the interviews go, we were able to get Dan Giese, who played a pivotal role for the Yankees last year when all of their injuries decimated their pitching staff. We also were very fortunate to get A.J. Burnett and Johnny Damon. Burnett coming off another solid outing this spring facing his former team last night. Damon is excited for this new season with the lineup, even minus A-Rod, because of the awesome pitching staff. We also talked to Tyler Kepner of the New York Times who always has the pulse of the Yankees clubhouse. Plus, one of my childhood idols gave us some time, Mickey Rivers. Mick the Quick was awesome and it was a thrill for me to get to talk to him. You can check all of these out on and don’t forget to check “Off the Wall” every day for updates from Tampa.


Great work Chris. I’m enjoying the interviews and the exclusive YES content you guys are doing in the last two weeks of spring training. Its good to get to hear from some of the different guys. I’ll look forward to seeing some interviews with some of the new guys like Swisher, Teixeria, Sabathia.

Thanks jlevy! We are having a blast down here in Tampa and we’ll be getting plenty more until I come back north! Keep on reading!

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